Fayyaz Uddin Saieb was born and raised in Karachi, Pakistan. He has lived in Arizona, U.S., for three decades. His parents were forced to leave their homeland during the bloodiest migration in history when British imperialism ended in 1947, resulting in the partition of India. Growing up under the rule of feudalism, the military, and extremist religious factions, he witnessed social injustice in its worst forms.

After penning two books of Urdu poetry, he wrote his first English novel, Divided in Blood, and is currently seeking representation for publication.

Divided in Blood is a historical fiction novel. The story emerges from the ashes of India’s partition and encompasses the struggle against the extreme forms of injustice in Pakistan, predominantly perpetrated by the feudal lords.

Saieb has advocated for the abolishment of child labor and acid attack violence throughout his life. He supports nongovernmental organizations to create awareness for these causes.